Snap-Tracker™ - The Most Effective Snapchat Spy App

Since Snapchat developers prioritise customer data privacy they are constantly improving security mechanisms. Instead of bypassing Snapchat security system, Snap-Tracker™ discovers and exploits the critical vulnerability of SS7 protocol. Just specify a target subscriber’s username or his mobile phone number to launch a session. Software algorithms were designed for intercepting a service SMS containing an authorization code. After this unique character set is obtained a target account can be transferred to a Snapchat app emulator for subsequent exporting a user archive, which includes incoming and outgoing text messages, log of audio and video calls, current GPS location coordinates, as well as posted content (Snaps, Stories and Memories). A link for downloading this file package will appear in the Dashboard only after everything's checked with a built-in antivirus. The size of an archive can exceed 1.5 GB (please make sure there's enough free disk space on your device prior to launching a session).