Snap-Tracker™ Offers Anonymous Access to the History of a Target Account

Anonymity of Financial Transactions

Clients can avail of popular balance replenishment methods providing high anonymity and transaction security. You are advised to use cryptocurrencies as the main financial instrument, since they offer the maximum degree of confidential data privacy. Mechanisms needed for purchasing and transferring funds in cryptocurrencies.

Snap-Tracker™ was designed primarily for providing access to Snapchat target accounts. One of its key functions allows clients to restore credentials from their own accounts. Thanks to its multipurposeness, the software allows achieving other goals being part of the client’s responsibility area.

Storing Confidential Information

When running this app, a client generates three types of data sets, as follows:

  1. Authorization-related – data required for accessing the Dashboard (username, password, email).
  2. Authentication-related - data required for identifying a target account (Snapchat username, mobile number).
  3. Target-related - a copied history of a specified profile obtained while recovering a Snapchat account and aggregated into an archive.

All of the above info undergoes a multilevel encryption and is redirected to a remote platform not related to this website in any way. These encrypted data can be manipulated only by the owner of a cryptographic key (a password specified at sign-up in the Dashboard). The administration strongly advises against sending credentials to third parties, as this can lead to confidential data leakage.

Tips for enhancing sensitive data protection:

  • Set a complex password (use special characters, if possible).
  • Use VPN software to encrypt incoming and outgoing traffic (using this tool is strongly advised when connecting to public Internet access points).
  • Bind your account to a «clean» email that has never been used before.
  • Avoid disregarding standard private data protection features offered by your browser.
  • After completing each session, click the «Exit» button and clear your web browsing history in the browser app.

Superior Anonymity Protection

Snap-Tracker™ allows stealthy monitoring of any Snapchat account without downloading suspicious spyware and introducing additional configuration into a target device. The owner of a target page won't receive any warning notifications on external interference, since Snapchat security system does not perceive Snap-Tracker™ app as a threat. Since this software package does not interrupt the operation of a target device and a specified account, it becomes almost impossible to track down an unauthorized interference. Introduction into the operating principles .

While working with the software package, its developers prioritised ensuring complete anonymity of customers. That's why they introduced a number of innovative mechanisms for storing sensitive client data.

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