Partnership program

    We've launched our own partnership program. It allows our clients to use TL service for free. To become a partner is very easy. After registration of new account the unique ID of branch and referral link will be generated for you in the control panel. When another client follows your link and get registered in the service, you receive bonuses. The monitoring panel in your account area allows to look at the clicks and registrations from your referral link.

    How it works?

    The visitor clicks on your referral link on your website or in e-mail. We will pay you not only for the first initial click, but also if the visitor passes through the whole process. It even works if cookies are turned off in the client's browser. The client can visit us in several months after getting the link, and the click will still be counted.


    After registration the unique referral link will be assigned to you


    Your referral link will be assigned with an individual token

    • The link has its own fixed ID.


    Twitter, Youtube, Google +, Messages, Forums + Messangers included

    • Publish the link on Internet resources, websites, blogs, social networks, forums. Share it with your friends and collegues.


    Your unique ID

    • When the user clicks on the link, the service detects this transition and assignes the ID for it.


    Use the bonuses you get for clicks to pay for our services

    • Data on registrations and bonuses is displayed in Clients section of your account .


    In real-time mode

    • To monitor the statistics of clicks and received bonuses.


    • When the number of bonuses will be enough to make single payment, the funds will be automatically transfered to your account.


    • Use the bonuses to pay for our services

    To start using the program go to your Account